About Us

To all our visitors: firstly, we want to say thank you for visiting our site. We have developed and launched this site, and a series of others, with one vision in mind: To unite, grow, and help all the Caribbean islands find easier alternatives to day-to-day services.

We know that limitations sometimes create hurdles that are hard to overcome. Therefore, Islands in Motion has launched sites in all distinct categories of life. From Islands in Motion Real Estate to Islands Auctions to Islands Meet, and everything in between (over 20 other sites to be accurate).

We are driven by a passionate team, as close to you as possible in Florida, USA. Our team consists of a very diverse set of people, who are no strangers to The Caribbean, and share the same passionate dream: To see the Caribbean thrive.

So, go on! Create an account! It’s yours! It’s Free and you deserve to have the ability and tools to do so much more!